There's some misinformation floating around regarding who is who online regarding pool table movers in New Orleans. Here, I'll give you the run-down.

One website many people will come across is "". This is our sister site. We pay to rent that website from the domain owner. They have links to this site (that you are on now). We are located here, in Metairie, LA; and, have been doing pool tables here in the New Orleans for the past 25 years!

As mentioned elsewhere, we are proud members of the BCA (Billiard Congress of America). The BCA is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the billiard industry, suppliers, retailers, bar owners, and players alike. They have been in existence since 1948 (and having close ties to the National Billiard Association of America, going back to 1921). They are the ONLY nationally recognized trade association within the billiard industry. The BCA hosts trade shows annually; with hundreds of manufacturers exhibiting and thousands of retailers attending every year. The idea of industry standards for pool table installers is not a new one. However, aside from installation classes offered by Championship D&R, NO INDUSTRY STANDARD EXISTS. Anyone telling you otherwise or claiming to have instituted industry standards for table installation is not telling the truth.

Another (VERY similar) site is "". This is NOT a local company. Although their site has all the information to make a customer think it's a local company, they are not. They are based out of Oregon. Their principle business is finders fees. They use "voice-over IP" phone lines with local numbers and post local fictitious addresses (which here, in New Orleans, happens to be a convenience store on St. Charles Ave.) all in an attempt to make customers believe they're dealing with a local company. They then farm out the work to a local installer for a fraction of the price quoted to the customer. A "whois" web search will show that this website is owned by an individual in Oregon. 

Now for the "ABIA" (American Billiard Installer's Association). They boast that their installers are "members" of a "trade organization" and that they offer an " industry exclusive service guarantee". If you're wanting a "guarantee" on your pool table from the "ABIA", be prepared to pay more than DOUBLE what a local installer charges! A simple search with the Oregon Secretary of State will show that the "American Billiard Installer's Association" is owned and operated by the very same people who own the "pooltablemoversneworleans" website. In short, they are one in the same.  The "ABIA" is a FOR-PROFIT company that exists solely to lend credibility to their other endeavors.

Again, the "ABIA" is a FOR-PROFIT company! They are NOT a trade organization.

If having a good service after the sale is important to you, ask your installer (whomever you choose) to provide references from customers. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes or overlook things sometimes. Ask for references from customers that the installer has had to go back and fix a problem. EVERY installer should provide excellent service after the sale. You don't need to pay DOUBLE the market rate for that guarantee!

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Understanding Who's Who!

Many companies who advertise pool table moving services don't actually do the work! Shocking! Several sites advertise that they have been doing pool tables for "x" number of years. When, in fact, they pass off your information to a local installer (for a fee). This, in my estimation, is false advertisement. Don't fall victim. A simple "whois" search using the website domain name will tell you EXACTLY with whom you are dealing.

Some installers charge a "booking" fee. Typically, this ranges from $50 to $100. This fee is to guarantee that you won't back out of the job. Beware! This fee (in almost every case) is non-refundable. No one should have to pay a "booking fee". I have heard horror stories from customers about paying this fee to an installer and he never showed up. Then, wouldn't answer his phone! Yes, it happens. Steer clear of these guys!

Very large amusement companies do have a slight advantage. They generally have in-house installers. These installers are paid by the hour. So, they have no problem with taking up to 4 hours to do an installation in your home. (After 25 years, I can assure you, 4 hours is about 2x the amount of time needed to install a pool table!) Also, with amusement companies, employee turnover is pretty high. So, the person installing your pool table may have little to no experience. Their advantage is that their labor cost is low enough that they can send their installers back (as many times as it takes) to get it right.

Moving companies are equally as bad. Generally, moving companies do not move pool tables. They may take on the job and sub-contract it out to either an installer or a local handyman. In either case, you're going to pay their mark-up and the service will be questionable. Also, moving companies are notorious for losing parts and table hardware.

If the company you talk to exhibits any of these traits, RUN!

Choose someone who is a member of the BCA. The Billiard Congress of America is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the billiard industry and unifying both players and retailers. Not being a member of the BCA doesn't mean that an installer isn't qualified. However, companies who take their time and pay for membership show that they, too, are serious about this industry.

If you're still undecided, ask for references. Don't just ask for references where the job went perfectly. Ask about jobs that the installer had to go back to fix something. That's the true test. Their customer service after the job is done should be stellar. If they tell you they NEVER get call-backs, they're probably not telling the truth. We all make mistakes sometimes and none of us are perfect. Your installer should be up front about his limitations and his shortcomings. If he tells you he has none, you may want to rethink your choice.

We are a proud member of the Billiard Congress of America.

Member of the Billiard Congress of America

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